20 Easy And Quick Banana Clip Hairstyles You Must Try

Create these exciting hairdos to take full advantage of the versatile hair accessory.

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The biggest hair accessory of the 80s is back – banana hair clips! Mostly known to keep your hair tied in a ponytail, there are several banana clip hairstyles you must try out.

Whether to keep your hair tied up to let your neck breathe during the summer or style your hair neatly, a banana clip is one hair accessory that can add a ton of oomph and style to your long hair. Take your hair game up a few notches with these hairstyles!

Don’t believe us? Swipe up and check out the 20 versatile banana clip styles for your tresses! Scroll down and keep reading.

Before You Get Started
  • Banana clips come in varying sizes for hair of different thicknesses. Ensure you get a size that is right for your hair.
  • If your banana clip is slipping off your hair, apply a bit of dry shampoo before styling or a setting spray after styling to keep the clip in place.
  • For hairstyles where your banana clip is visible in the final look, make sure it is in a color that goes with your outfit.

1. Simple Half Updo

Simple Half Updo

Image: Shutterstock

This is one of the easiest hairstyles you can create with a banana clip. The half updo is a chic hairdo that can be done in minutes. Start by neatly backcombing the crown, then separate the top half of your mane and secure it with a banana clip. It is a perfect hairstyle for voluminous tresses as it allows the hair at the back to flow smoothly and prevents the front strands from grazing your face.

2. Half Updo With Curls

Half Updo With Curls

Image: Shutterstock

Adding curls to the ends of your hair offers an elegant touch to your overall look. Emulate this look using a banana clip and a curling iron. Separate the top half of the hair and secure it with the banana clip on the back. Now, use a curling iron at the ends to create bouncy curls, and you are all good to go!

3. Messy Ponytail

Messy Ponytail

emmanouelas_hair / Instagram

This is a new adaptation of the classic ponytail done with a banana clip. The messy curly hair creates extra volume and is ideal for people with thin hair who wish to create an illusion of a fuller mane. To replicate this hairstyle, start by using a curling iron to create messy curls, then clip all of the hair together in a ponytail slightly above the nape of your neck. Finally, use hairspray to keep the style intact.

4. Braided Half Updo

Braided Half Updo

Image: Shutterstock

The loose French braid at the crown looks nothing less than a hair accessory. Start by doing a middle part and French braiding 2-inch sections of hair on each side. Next, pull the tails of the braids back and secure them with a banana clip along with the rest of the hair. If you wish to spruce up the look more, you can create disheveled open waves at the bottom.

5. Half-Knotted Updo

Half-Knotted Updo

Image: Shutterstock

While the image might make you think this hairstyle is complicated at first glance, it is a rather simple hairdo to master and looks extremely trendy. Take the front hair as you would in a half updo, twist the strands, and do a double knot. Now, secure the knot at the back with a banana clip and curl your hair ends using a curling wand to create a voluminous look.

6. Long Ponytail

Long Ponytail

all.about.my.hair / Instagram

Just because you have super long hair does not mean that you need to miss out on the banana clip trend. Just wash your hair and let it air-dry into its natural texture. Then, use a big banana clip to secure your luscious mane into a ponytail at the back of your head. You can fluff up your ponytail with a brush to add some volume to it.

7. Overlap Half Updo

Overlap Half Updo

Image: Shutterstock

Here’s another easy hairstyle you can master in minutes with the help of a banana clip that looks extremely pretty for any formal gathering. Start by backcombing the hair at the crown, then take a 1-inch section of hair from both sides and overlap them at the back. Secure the overlapped strands with a banana clip by sliding it from the top and clipping the end.

8. Messy High Bun

Messy High Bun

Image: Shutterstock

Pull all your hair in an upward motion and hold the strands like you are tying a high ponytail. Now, twist the hair tightly and roll it into a bun, creating a similar hairstyle to a subtle ballerina bun. Leave the ends of the hair out and secure it with a banana clip on the back of the head. Finally, you can use a few bobby pins to keep the bun intact. To maintain the casual and nonchalant look of the hairstyle, refrain from using setting spray.

9. Finger Waves

Finger Waves

Image: Shutterstock

The finger waves are an intricate hairstyle that requires time and patience. However, it is not that complicated to achieve. Start with freshly washed hair and use a hair mousse to create an S-shape design on your front strands. Use sectioning banana clips to secure the strands while you use a blow dryer to dry the hair mousse and keep the style intact. The banana clips play an essential role in ensuring the proper S-shape of the strands and increasing the longevity of the hairstyle.

10. Horizontal Banana Clip

Horizontal Banana Clip

yamazaki_accessory / Instagram

Get creative with your banana clip and use it in different ways to add various twists to classic looks. Take this half updo, for instance. Instead of tying it with the banana clip placed vertically, do it horizontally to create a sleeker look that is more appropriate for school or work.

11. Loose Ponytail

Loose Ponytail

Image: Shutterstock

One of the classic styles with a banana clip is to pull back all the hair and secure it with the clip. The hair looks like a ponytail, but more like a horse’s mane. It gives more volume and flair to the classic ponytail.

StyleCraze Says
If you have short hair, you can do a side ponytail with your banana clip to create a cute and fun look.

12. French Twist

French Twist

Image: Shutterstock

The French twist is another hairstyle that you can easily try using a banana clip. First, pull the hair to make a loose ponytail and twirl it in a clockwise direction. Pull the ponytail up in a manner that the tip of the hair is facing upward. Next fold over the ponytail into half and push in the ends of the hair. Turn round the folded ponytail in one way to form a tight twist. Secure this with bobby pins, now slide the banana clip in from the bottom and secure it in place.

13. Classic Updo

Pull the hair back and hold it at the back of your head with your hand or use pins. Slide the banana clip from the bottom and lock the clip at the top. In this hairstyle, you can pull the hair up, back, and allow it to fall naturally. This classic banana clip updo suits medium to long hair that is wavy or curly.

14. Modern Banana Updo

Modern Banana Updo

Image: Shutterstock

It is a modern updo, where you can use the clip to form a pile of curls on the crown of the head. You will be able to style your curls like a Rihanna-style fauxhawk.

  1. Open the clip wide and gather the hair tightly at the top.
  2. Use a comb to ensure your hair is neat. Hold the hair in one place with one hand and pile the curls on top. With the other hand, place the clip.
  3. The turning point of the clip should be at the zenith of the skull. Ensure the clip does not point out.
  4. Now arrange the curls around the clip and cover it. You can also use bobby pins to secure the curls in place.

15. Banana Braid

Tie a loose French braid starting from the peak of the skull to the nape of the neck. Leave the tail of the braid loose. Now insert the clip from down in such a way that the end of the braid falls over the hinge and sticks out of the clip. Close the banana clip, after lifting the braid a little. Loosen the hair at the top a bit to ensure that the clip is not visible.

16. Banana Clip Bun

Use a small banana clip to gather your hair in a ponytail. Now rather than rolling the hair around into a bun, fan the hair over the banana clip in a 360-degree arrangement. Then, roll sections of hair away from the center of the ponytail and tuck it near the base of the clip with the help of bobby pins, to form a doughnut-like bun.

17. Side Ponytail

With all the hair in a neat bunch on one shoulder, the side ponytail looks chic. Pull all the hair on one side. Comb it so that it looks neat and use a banana clip to secure the hair tightly. Use a fancy clip for this style. The accessory will add style and glamor to the hairdo.

18. Shoshanna Bun

Flip over the hair and clip it from the hairline with the help of a banana clip. Now take the rest of the hair, twist it, roll it around the banana clip in a bun, and secure it with a bobby pin.

19. Braided Bun

Pull all the hair back and use a banana clip to secure the hair at the top of the head. You can use a comb to give your hair a neat look. Now separate the hair into different sections and braid it. Twist the several braids around the clip in a bun like formation and secure the ends with bobby pins.

20. Braided Ponytail

If you have thick hair, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Separate the hair into various sections and braid them. You will have several braids. Use a banana clip to clip all the braided sections. You can use colorful rubber bands at the end of each braid, to add more style and color to the hair.

Banana clip is a useful hair accessory to tie your hair. Unlike a rubber band or a scrunchy, you will not lose hair each time you open it. It is a popular hair accessory in summer to hold the hair up and away from the face and neck. It helps you keep cool even in the scorching heat.

StyleCraze Says
You can use matte or pearl-finish banana clips to add a bit of color to your hairstyle.

With so many hairstyles to try out, the banana clip is still a reigning hair accessory! From ponytails to braids and buns, these banana clip hairstyles will make your summer so much more fun and stylish. Not that you cannot use this accessory in other seasons as well. Instead of trying new hairstyles that take forever to learn, add a banana clip to the hairstyles you already know. Have you picked out your favorite banana clip hairstyle? If not, scroll up and read the article again to declare one as your favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are banana clips better than hair ties?

Yes. Banana clips are better than hair ties as they are gentler on your hair and don’t tug at it.

Can you wear a banana clip with thin hair?

Yes. Depending on your hair volume, you can wear a medium or small-sized banana clip.

How do you put hair clips in short hair?

You can use hair clips like bobby pins, barrettes, and snap hair clips to accessorize your short hair. You may pin the bangs or front hair sections back or gather the sides and pin them in the back.

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