60 Best Hairstyles of This Wedding Season

Begin with the right hairstyle to leave no stone unturned for a dreamy wedding look.

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The wedding season has just started this year and there is absolutely no doubt that all bride-to-bes have geared up for the preparation of the special day of their lives. While getting the right bridal outfit of our choice seems to be quite easy for many of us, it is really tough to decide on the perfect hairstyle to suit that dress. Well, let us be your way-shower. Explore 60 most beautiful hairstyles of this wedding season that you can’t help but love:

Before You Get Started
  • Consult a stylist several weeks in advance and narrow down a few hairstyles. A trial run, complete with makeup and outfit before the big day is a must.
  • Make sure you consider the weather, ambiance, event activities, and your own stamina before you finalize a style.
  • Factor in your veil, dupatta, or other cultural headpieces and plan your hairstyle around it.

60 Best Hairstyles of This Wedding Season

Expert hair stylist and owner of Twisted Scissors Salon Jessica Shults says, “Picking that perfect hairstyle for your wedding day can start as early as finding your dress. You can decide if you want your hair completely swept up or grazing your shoulders depending on whether or not your dress is strapless. Once you’ve picked a wedding hairstyle, it’s time to know what to do on D-Day. A good tip for styling your hair that day is to not have it freshly washed. I recommend you wash your hair the night before so that it has a little grip the next day that holds curls and other styles longer.”

Now that you know a few secret expert tips, let’s get into these surreal wedding hairstyles!

1. Waterfall Braids With Soft Wavy Ends

Waterfall Braids With Soft Wavy Ends

Image: Shutterstock

As the name says, this hairstyle resembles a waterfall because only a portion of the hair is braided while the rest flows down the back freely. The secret to pulling off this hairdo is to create a simple side braid. Then, reserve a portion of the braid for the waterfall effect. Next, take up a few strands of hair from the reserved portion to braid further.

2. Twist Knot Bun

Twist Knot Bun

Image: Shutterstock

A bun is often the hairstyle of choice for upcoming brides because it is hassle-free and maintains its shape for a long time. This twist knot bun is made up of hair that is twisted and fastened together to form a single bun on the crown.

3. Crown Braid With Bangs

Crown Braid With Bangs

Image: Shutterstock

Whether you prefer a messy bun or a braid, we have got you covered! Opt for a messy crown braid that gives you the best of both worlds. Add flowers or accessories to complete the look.

4. High Ponytail With Side Swept Bangs

High Ponytail With Side Swept Bangs

Image: Shutterstock

The high ponytail is every sophisticated woman’s go-to style for an effortless look. Adding side-swept bangs makes the hair appear longer and more elegant.

5. Neat Twisted Updo

Neat Twisted Updo

Image: Shutterstock

This hairstyle works stunningly with bare or open-shoulder dresses. The twisted updo creates a timeless look, making it perfect for your wedding day.

6. Doughnut Bun

Doughnut Bun

Image: Shutterstock

This fascinating doughnut bun is suitable for a straight, flawless bun. The fact that this hairstyle works well on both short and long hair is its best feature. With this hairstyle, you may go simple yet stylish, like a sloppy low bun or medium bun, which will help you get a lovely, seductive wedding hairdo.

7. Thick Bubble Braid

Thick Bubble Braid

Image: Shutterstock

Bubble braids are quite diverse and can be used to create a wide variety of chic hairstyles. To achieve this hairstyle, make a low ponytail and then tie the end of your pony with several hair ties to create this elegant look.

8. Messy Crown French Braid

Messy Crown French Braid

Image: Shutterstock

This messy crown French braid is unquestionably the new, exquisite hairstyle for this season. It’s really creative and easy to style! Create a crown French braid and leave a few strands loose to complete the look.

9. Sleek Braided Ponytail

Sleek Braided Ponytail

Image: Shutterstock

With a little time and patience, people with all hair textures can wear this braided ponytail. Start by creating a low, tight ponytail. Tightly braid all the way down, then tie the braid at both the top and bottom to keep it in place all day.

10. Old Hollywood Waves

Old Hollywood Waves

Image: Shutterstock

To highlight your wedding gown or other dramatic attire, get big, old Hollywood-style waves. To make this look better, sweep your waves to the side to frame your face. The waves can simply be achieved using the curling wand.

11. Loose Messy Waves with Twisted Side:

Images : Getty

Let us start with a very casual hairstyle that is easy to wear as well as chic in appearance. Leave your naturally wavy hair loose and add a messy flair to it. Now, twist up one side and secure it at the back.

12. Low Side Bun with Side Part and Textured Curls:

Images : Getty

This is a perfect wedding hairstyle for women with short curly hair. Give it texture with hairspray, part it to one side and make a low side bun at the other side. Also, let a few coily strands rest on your forehead.

13. Relaxed Center-Parted Waves with Spiral Ends:

Images : Getty

Enjoy the celebration of your marriage the most with this relaxed and comfy hairstyle. Create soft waves on your colored hair and define them with texture. Finally, add some spiral curls at their ends.

14. Low Side Bun with Puffy Crown and Side Sweep:

Images : Getty

Look at your best on your big day with this utterly gorgeous hairdo. Tease up the crown in order to puff it up and make a small low bun with rest of the hair. At last, turn the front hair into a nice side sweep.

15. Short Wavy Bob with Messy Wispy Layers:

Images : Getty

If you have a short bob, you can adopt this style for a trendy bridal look. Create waves on your off-centered layers and turn their ends into wispy points. The shortest layers should swing over your forehead carelessly.

16. Simple Wavy Locks with Side Part and Pinned Sides:

Images : Getty

This is one of the most common wedding hairstyles for women having delicate natural waves. Just make a side part and pin the sides at the back, while letting rest of your hair flow down your shoulders.

17. Polished Low Semi-Circular Bun with Volumized Crown:

Images : Getty

Complement your stunning wedding dress with this out-of-the box bun hairdo. Start by giving your locks a smooth, polished finish by applying serum. Then, add considerable volume to your crown and make a semi-circular bun resting at the nape of the neck.

18. Messy Low Side Hairdo with Free-Ended Bun and Side Sweep:

Images : Getty

This beautiful side half hairdo will look awesome with an embellished bridal gown. Part your slightly messy hair to one side, sweep it over the other side of your forehead, and turn it into a low side bun. The end of the hair should be placed over the shoulder to give a free-ended look.

19. Messy Waves with Tight Front Braid and Puffy Crown:

Images : Getty

Start making a side part and section off the hair up to the opposite ear as you go half the way. Add a little volume to the front hair, braid it up and tuck it behind the ear. Also, puff up the crown and gather rest of the waves over one shoulder, while retaining the natural messy look. Absolutely stunning!

20. Loop Hairdo with Hair-Wrapped and Knotted Ponytail:

Images : Getty

Divide your hair into two segments and make hair-wrapped ponytails with each of them separately. Now, fold the lower pony up and create a knot by tying it with the upper one. This will form two decent loops at the back of your head. This is a very innovative way to jazz up your bridal look!

21. Semi-High Side Ponytail with Random Textured Curls:

Images : Getty

Give your hair a neat and smooth look by applying lots of mousse to it. Side-part it and come up with a high side ponytail at the other side. Finally, use your curling iron and add random textured curls to the ends of the pony.

22. Medium-Length Waves with Double buns:

Images : Getty

Add a touch of cuteness to your glamorous wedding look with this simple yet adorable hairstyle. Brush your medium-length wavy hair back and create two fluffy side buns by taking a thick section of hair from each side. At last, glam it up with a nice hair accessory.

23. Loose Waves with Braided and Hair Wrapped Ponytail:

Images : Getty

Here is another pretty half hairdo that will go perfect with any bridal look. Brush your wavy hair back and divide it in two sections. Braid up the upper section up to the center-back of your head and turn it into a ponytail wrapped by hair. A hair brooch will spice up the look to a great extent.

24. Ombre Waves with Pinned Sides and Twisted Front:

Images : Getty

This is the best way to show off your striking ombre waves on your big day. Smooth up two sides and pin them at the back. Roll the front section to any one side and secure it there. Now, tease the crown area a little bit and allow your waves cascade your shoulders elegantly.

25. Layered and Textured Bob with Hair Band and Spiral Ends:

Images : Getty

If you have thick short bob with intense layers, here is your way to doll up your wedding appearance. Texturize the layers a lot and curl up their ends with a small barrel iron. Now, adorn it with a hair headband and you are all set to go.

26. Tight Low Braided Bun with Smooth Finish:

Images : Getty

No other bridal hairstyle looks as classy as a braided bun. Here, the entire hair is made smoother and secured with an elastic band at the nape of the neck. Braid the hair up in small sections and finally, twist and fold all of those braids into a low tight bun.

27. Puffy and Textured Low Bun with Rolled Side Bang:

Images : Getty

Look highly sophisticated with this unique hairstyle on the very special day of your life. Volumize as well as texturize the top hair and turn it into a low bun. Then, roll back the front section to one side and secure it there.

28. Smooth Textured Low Hairdo with Twists and Folds:

Images : Getty

Divide your hair into upper and lower sections and give them a polished look by applying serum. Make a small bun resting at the base of your neck with the lower section of hair. Now, twist up the upper section and wrap it around the bun properly. Here is an elegant you!

29. Simple Low Bun with Mini Bouffant and Side Sweep:

Images : Getty

This hairstyle combines a mini bouffant, a small low bun and a perfectly swept bang over the forehead. Add a zing to it with a metal headband and look traditionally beautiful on the day of your wedding.

30. Sleek Center-Parted Hair with Thick Braided Headband:

Images : Getty

Create a long center part starting from the forehead up to the base of the neck and give it a flat polished look by applying serum generously. Now, braid up the entire hair and secure it from ear to ear with bobby pins. A very sweet hairstyle for a neat bridal look!

31. Shiny Straight Highlighted Locks with Puff and Headband:

Images : Getty

If you have long straight highlighted hair, this will be your ideal choice for an urbane wedding hairstyle. Brush it back and let it cascade your sexy back in a classy manner. A monochromatic headband will balance off the whole thing flawlessly.

32. High Voluminous Pony with Pouf and Ombre Waves:

Images : Getty

This is a romantic hairdo for a new bride with long ombre hair. Create a small pouf at the top and pull the locks back at your crown to form a high ponytail. Curl up the pony intensely and give it enough volume to look extremely sensational.

33. Tight High Updo with Pouf and Curved Front Bang:

Images : Getty

Separate a thin section of hair at the front and create a small pouf right at the top. Pull the hair back at the crown and make a tight high updo. Now, curl up the front bang softly and secure it into your pouf. Isn’t it an awesome style for your wedding day look?

Messy Twisted Ballet Bun with Pouf:

34. Side-Parted Bob with Volumized and Rounded Back:

Images : Getty

Who says that a short bob doesn’t suit a dreamy bridal hairstyle? Check out this shoulder-length bob with tidy side part. You need to create volume at the crown and smoothen up the back hair properly in order to achieve this look wholly.

35. Short Textured Hair with Long Spiral Side Bang:

Images : Getty

This is basically a short hairstyle with an exceptionally long side bang. At first, part your hair to any one side and lots of texture to it. Now, curl up the side bang to give it a nice spiral shape, and let it embrace your face. Quite edgy, right?

36. Curly, Flowery Updo with Puffy Crown and Side Braid:

Images : Getty

In this hairstyle, the curly hair is texturized intensely so that you can wear a precise hairdo without putting much effort. Add a little puff to your crown and create a large flowery updo at the back of the head. Now, braid up the side hair and secure it into the updo with bobby pins.

37. Shoulder-Length Retro Bob with Textured Curls:

Images : Getty

When it comes to putting on a retro bob hairstyle on the day of wedding, the season really doesn’t matter. Just texturize as well as curl up your shoulder-length bob and give its ends a rounded shape. You are ready to stun your guests with your killer look!

38. Long Waves with Curly Ends and Layered Side Bangs:

Images : Getty

If you prefer to keep your smooth and shiny locks loose with your bridal outfit, give this simple and sexy style a try. Side-part your long wavy hair and create a puff at your crown. Add a spiral effect to the ends of your hair and curl up the layered side bangs slightly in the outward direction.

39. Tight High Twisted Updo with Polished Finish:

Images : Getty

This magnificent twisted updo goes perfectly well with the wonder and splendor of the marriage celebration. Brush back and smoothen up your top hair and form a huge tight updo at your crown just by twisting the hair precisely.

40. Casual Low Bun with Side Sweep and Loose Strands:

Images : Getty

Go casual on your big day and look differently beautiful from all the aspects. You can simply side part your hair and make a small twisted bun at the nape of your neck. A deep side sweep and a few loose hair strands at the other side of the head will add definition to this style.

Stylecraze Says
You can add beautiful flowers like roses, carnations, or peonies to your twisted bun to add more drama and grace.

41. Volumized Ombre Waves with Front Fringes:

Images : Getty

This wavy ombre hair will raise your oomph factor spectacularly, if worn with a heavy embellished wedding dress the right way. Do not forget to add those relaxed front fringes and a little volume to your crown.

42. Low Messy Flower Bun with Side Part and High Volume:

Images : Getty

Such a gigantic flower bun itself will make you the true center of attraction of the ceremony. However, you must create a side part, volumize the crown and add texture to your hair before turning it into a wonderful low bun.

43. Puffy Textured Waves with Highlighted Ends and Side Bang:

Images : Getty

This is a wavy side hairdo, which will match the vibe of a romantic wedding ceremony flawlessly. Tease the top and add lots of hairspray to it. Now, gather all your side-parted hair to one of your shoulders and let it rest there. Opt for a highlighted ends and a simple side bang to perk up the look.

44. Shoulder-Length Voluminous Bob with Very Thin Curls:

Images : Getty

Add oodles of volume to your shoulder-length bob hair by taking it in very thin sections and curling them up with a small barrel curling iron. It will frame your face nicely and give you a distinct look on your big day.

45. Neat Center-Parted Low Bun with Smooth Finish:

Images : Getty

A neat smooth finish is the secret to this striking wedding hairstyle. Start with creating a middle part and apply serum all over the hair liberally. Now, pull the smooth sleek hair back at the nape of your neck and twist it up into a small decent bun.

46. Bouffant with Wavy Side Sweep and Messy Finish:

Images : Getty

This is a modified version of the conventional bouffant hairdo and needless to say, it will go very well with your bridal appearance. Just add a deep side sweep to the bouffant and give it a slightly messy finish.

47. Messy Twisted Ballet Bun with Pouf:

Images : Getty

A ballet bun might seem to be a mismatch for the gorgeous event of wedding. But if you can wear it properly, it will turn out to be the ideal pair off hairstyle for your sexy backless bridal gown. All you need to do is create a pouf and give a little tangled flair to the hair.

48. Short Textured Hair with Folded Front and Puffy Tucked In Back:

Images : Getty

Start with making a short side part and texturizing the hair nicely. Now, puff up the back hair to some extent and tuck it in for a vintage look. Also, fold up the front and side hair inward and secure them into the tucked-in back hair with bobby pins. You’ll definitely love it for your big day.

49. Soft Romantic Spiral Curls with Middle-Part and Texture:

Images : Getty

Add slight texture to your glossy highlighted hair and curl it up softly, while giving the ends a beautiful spiral shape. Now, middle-part those luscious locks and let them flow down your well-defined shoulders. You are looking just like a princess.

50. Smooth Textured Loop Hairdo with Twists and Folds:

Images : Getty

Here, the angular loop is created by twisting and folding the textured hair in the right manner. However, you must smoothen up your locks and brush it back neatly prior to sporting this hairstyle on your wedding day.

51. Massive and Super High Bun with Polished Finish:

Images : Getty

Add height to the crown of your head by opting for this super high bun updo. Smoothen up your hair and pull it a little back at the crown. Then, fold it into a massive bun and apply hairspray to give it a polished finish. An exclusive bridal hairstyle – all we can say!

52. Straight High Ponytail with Pouf and Hair Wrap:

Images : Getty

This is quite a simple hairstyle that can surprisingly give you an outstanding look on your wedding day. Create a small pouf at the top-front of your head and come up with a hair-wrapped high ponytail by pulling all your smooth straight hair back at your crown.

53. Loose Side Braid with Textured Waves and Curly Bang:

Images : Getty

Look dazzling on your wedding day just by braiding up your wavy blonde hair. Create an off-center part and make a loose side braid with your textured waves. A slightly tangled flair and a spiral side bang will enhance the look even more.

Stylecraze Says
You can add pearl dots or crystal embellishments to your side loose braid to help elevate your wedding hairstyle.

54. Half Hairdo with Straight Layers and High Hair-Wrapped Pony:

Images : Getty

Straighten up your long layered hair first. Now, take a thick section from the front and make a high ponytail with it right at the top. Wrap its base with hair and let remaining hair rest on your shoulders stylishly.

55. Layered and Outward Feathered Locks with thick Fringes:

Images : Getty

Outward feathers look highly attractive on layered hair and here, the look is jazzed up with the help of thick front fringes. Adding volume to your crown will help you glam up even more on your marriage ceremony.

56. Messy Loose Textured Waves with Braided Headband:

Images : Getty

Create waves on your medium-length hair and give it a messy textured finish. Now, braid up a thick section of hair and secure it from ear to ear as a headband. This hairstyle will boost the beauty of your wedding attire nearly ten times.

57. Straight Loose Hair with Big Pouf Pinned at Back:

Images : Getty

We love this simple yet impressive hairstyle, especially for a gorgeous bridal look. Tease up the front and top sections of your head extensively in order to create a huge pouf. Now, pin it at the middle of the back and leave rest of the hair loose.

58. Intense Waves with Textured Messy Finish:

Images : Getty

If you like relaxed beachy waves, you will love this one too. It features a deep side part and intense flowy waves, cuddling the face as well as the shoulders. Allow a thin section of hair to sweep over your forehead and add messy textured finish to your waves.

59. Rolled Back and Braided Side Hairdo with Spiral Curls:

Images : Getty

Make your hair smoother by applying serum and rolling it back to one side of your head. Braid up the front section loosely and secure it into the hair present at the side with bobby pins. Finally, turn the end of your hair into a dense spiral curl. You are ready with your unusual bridal look.

60. Low Straight Pony with Puffy Crown and Layered Fringes:

Images : Getty

This is a low side ponytail created on straight and silky smooth hair. But, semi-circular front fringes and uneven puffy crown have made it different from other similar pony hairdos. Give it a try on your big day and get appreciated by your guests.

Whether you are the bride, her mother, a bridesmaid, or simply a guest at a wedding, these 60 hairstyles are sure to make you look beautiful and ethereal. From messy waves to low buns, there is no shortage of romantic and elegant hairstyles. Scroll back up and pick your favorite hairstyles from this wedding season. Then, try them out for yourself a few days before the wedding to see which you like best. However, if you are part of the bridal party, we advise you to pick your hairstyle a good month ahead. And if you are doing your own hair for the wedding, practice is key!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks before the wedding should you cut your hair?

Many stylists recommend getting your haircut 3–4 weeks before your wedding day. As your big day draws closer, you will get too pressed for time to go for a last-minute cut that does not sit well. A few weeks will help your fresh haircut settle nicely and get used to a good pre-wedding hair care routine.

Should I dye my hair before the wedding?

If you want to dye your hair for your wedding day, make sure you do it 7–10 days before the day. Freshly dyed hair needs some time to bleed out the excess and settle nicely.

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